the lucidity suitcase

Lucidity Suitcase develops original theater works using creative structures, objects, found and original texts and extensive travel.

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17 Border Crossings is on tour:

Hong Kong, Feb 16-19
Wharton Center, MI, March 26
Emerson College, Apr 19-29

the Archivist
A new show from Lucidity Suitcase about memory and remembrance. A clerk wanders through the hallways of film archives trying to wrangle recollections of his past, but finding instead a smattering of film clips, records and cassettes that start to mingle with his own personal history. Coming soon to Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.



Collected over 15 years of international travel, "17 Border Crossings" weaves together real adventures of international border crossings into a dramatic examination of imaginary lines, arbitrary passports and curious customs.

"Many of these stories are funny, because Phillips is funny, and because the terror of being held and questioned and yelled at in a language that is not your own is very funny once you are safe at home. And many of these stories are tinged with sadness, with the stupidity of humanity, with the foolish destruction our obsession with separation has caused. And many of these stories are both, uproariously funny and strikingly sad."


"The scene design is stripped of almost every element and bets on simple elegant ideas using only light and space. A bar with flourescent lights descends and ascends, reinventing the space to become a row of train compartments, a ferry, a chairlift, and various borders. Once you catch on to this code, the work grabs you with its intelligence, humor, sarcasm, political critique - all the way until its moving finale."

, Zaragoza, Spain

On September 27, 1849, Edgar Allan Poe set out on a lecture tour from Virginia to New York. Days later a train conductor saw Poe in Havre de Grace, Maryland, wearing a stranger's clothing and heading south to Baltimore, where he died on October 7.


An action opera about the final days of Edgar Allan Poe.
Created in collaboration with the Wilhelm Bros. & Co.

" The last, distraught days of Edgar Allan Poe are charted with spellbinding vitality in 'RED-EYE to Havre de Grace.' At times funny, at times heartbreaking, and from quirky start to haunting finish a feast of entrancing visual allurements, this exquisite show is among the most original musical theater works I've seen in years.

With great invention, affection and wit, 'RED-EYE to Havre de Grace' adds new dimensions to our understanding of an American writer more famed than honored these days, creating a moving portrait of a gifted but haunted man struggling against psychological demons and the dark tide that draws us all toward extinction."


"Lucidity Suitcase Intercontinental and Wilhelm Bros. & Co.'s production is one of the rare experiences in which you feel separated from your body as the fluid, dreamlike tableaux of RED-EYE take residence in your mind and firmly stay put. For a dance-heavy piece about a dying author, RED-EYE is as fleet as a Wes Anderson comedy... this surreal and haunting play forces us to question the human experience in the modern age. 'Has all this speed made us more happy - or more wise - than we were 6,000 years ago?' Poe asks. We're still figuring out the answer to that one, but the soulful, bravura RED-EYE to Havre de Grace will make you both happier and wiser."


Two journeys:

an Indian immigrant who runs a Sinclair gas station in New Jersey takes off into the American West in a Winnebago;

a young man struggles to travel across the US in search of his past at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas.

FLAMINGO/WINNEBAGO explores the planet's tipping point: the US's excessive use of energy, peak oil theory, and the rapidly changing weather.

A musical/theatrical road trip featuring Albuquerque's Le Chat Lunatique.

a foreign film,
theater play,
epic history
and telenovela.

"Thaddeus Phillips would have made a great silent-film comedian. He is currently proving that in '¡El Conquistador!,' an ingenious one-act, one-man show about a hapless Colombian doorman."


"The interactions between film and stage are so complicated, so funny, and so spectacularly precise that Phillips can walk around a corner and walk into the film projected on screen. Shot in Bogota with actors who are actually telenovela stars, the production offers interplay of illusion/reality that is intriguing visually and narratively. It's all in Spanish with subtitles, which, surprisingly, poses no problem whatsoever."



Lucidity Suitcase Intercontinental is a theatrical creation company that uses improvisation, intuition, maps, and Action Design to make original plays.

LSI's original theatrical creations include:

  • Whale Optics
  • 17 Border Crossings
  • Capsule 33
  • Flamingo/Winnebago
  • The Melting Bridge
  • The Earth's Sharp Edge
  • Lost Soles
  • Henry V Live from Times Square
  • PlanetLear
  • The Tempest

LSI shows have been presented at:

  • New York Theatre Workshop, New York
  • Barrow St Theater, New York
  • FringeArts, Philadelphia
  • MASS MoCA, North Adams (+)
  • Kelly-Strayhorn, Pittsburgh
  • The Painted Bride, Philadelphia
  • The Miami Light Project, Miami
  • Ingenuity Festival, Cleveland
  • Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh
  • Captital Fringe, Washington, D.C.
  • Buntport Theater, Denver
  • La MaMa E.T.C., New York
  • Manitou Art Theater, Colorado Springs

...and have been featured internationally at:

  • Festival de Otono, Madrid, SPAIN
  • Sterzino Pozora, Novi Sad, SERBIA
  • Teatro Jaco, Jaco, COSTA RICA
  • Dublin Intl. Fringe, Dublin, IRELAND
  • La MaMa Spoleto Open, ITALY
  • Festival 2 Escenas, San Miguel de Allende, MEXICO
  • Teatro Mercado, Zaragoza, SPAIN
  • Teatro Nacional, Bogota, COLOMBIA
  • Noordezon Festival, Groningen, HOLLAND
  • Mladi Levi, Ljubliana, SLOVENIA
  • 4+4 Days Festival, Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC
  • Arcola Theatre, London, ENGLAND